About Us

We provide our customers with smart, quality and cost-effective solar systems along with energy efficiency and conservation. Our team of highly experienced solar engineers brings superior quality, the latest techniques and a passion for problem solving to each energy solution. We commit ourselves in providing knowledgeable and friendly customer service to everyone who is interested in knowing how investing in a solar power system now makes great sense. The company embodies a strong sense of commitment to promoting alternative energy sources, improving the environment and maintaining customer-friendly attitudes. Taking pride in the quality of our work is our company's culture.


Why Us?

We are here keep the relation for long, so when you buy a solar system now with warranty over 20 years, you need to make sure the company will be there for that warranty period and provide all the guaranteed services.

Solar PV system is complex. We have the best engineers with lots of experience working in Solar, Electrical and Electronics industry.

We don't consider this as a product rather as a service. By this, we mean that selling a solar system to someone is only the beginning of our relationship with that customer. We take care of all the services that's required in making sure that the client gets the maximum out of the money they invested.

Our customer service stands out. Our engineers are well trained in what to do, efficient and friendly in making sure they guide you through everything from start to finish.

We only use high quality components in our solar system. All are IEC certified, only from reputed manufacturers.

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