Tough, long lasting and cost-effective
solar home lighting solutions.
Original TATA branded high-quality, long-lasting modules
Quick and easy installation.
Flexible mounting positions and angle of inclination for the luminaire.
Certified IP21 enclosure for indoor use.
          FEATURES             BENEFITS            COMPONENTS  
Luminaires with CFL preheat and LED thermal management technology for long life
Smart battery management system with battery charging, low battery and load cut-off indicators
System components with built-in reverse polarity, battery over- charge/deep-discharge, over load, short circuit and open circuit protection
Long life and high performance CFL/LED luminaire
No dependence on grid or kerosene for power
Adjustable direction of light for varied applications
High back up (autonomy), even under extreme cloudy conditions
Savings of up to ` 20,530 per year on kerosene consumption*
Standard warranty of 1 year, extended warranty available
Solar module: 10Wp to 70Wp
High efficiency LED/CFL lamps: 1.8W to 9W
Low maintenance, deep-cycle batteries: 7Ah to 75Ah
Mounting brackets/structures and cables
Mobile charger available on request
Customized solutions with additional lights and fans available
*Based on typical household loads and typical ratings. Check specific wattage of the appliance you are using.
**Other wind speed specifications can met on request.
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