Solar Inverter

Solarize your inverter
Power your home  for up to 3 hours*
Shown is a typical household load of 600 W
  1 x 200W Computer
  1 x 150W Televisions
  3 x 40W Tubelights
  3 x 14W CFL bulbs
  2 x 80W Ceiling fans
          FEATURES             BENEFITS            COMPONENTS  
Couples with any kind of battery and inverter make.
80-600 watts available to suit all needs.
2 years product warranty.
Scalable design
Extended battery back-up completely from solar.
Cost saver.
No power cuts.
Zero maintenance*
150 Wp modules x 4
Sunjeevini (Platinum).
*Based on typical household loads and typical ratings. Check specific wattage of the appliance you are using.
**Other wind speed specifications can met on request.
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